Monday, February 22, 2010

what's going on

I've had these towels made up for a while now, but I was really dragging my feet about taking pictures and posting them in the shop. Horray! Now I can cross that off my (ridiculously long) to-do list with my big red crossing-out pen.


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Friday, February 19, 2010

read the printed word

I found out about Read the Printed Word on {frolic} and thought to myself, what a great idea!

I've been seeing some reading challenges here and there around blogland, and I've been beating myself up just a little bit for not reading enough books, especially when I spend so much time on blogs and other computer-related reading lately.

Stack of thin flexicover books on reflective table

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

pantone spring colors!

One of my favorite movies is The Jerk, and one of my favorite parts is where Steve Martin goes crazy with excitement and runs around screaming "The phone books are here! The phone books are here!". I often think this to myself when I get really excited about something... when Pantone releases its color forecast.


The phone books are here, indeed!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lori weitzner *textile tuesday

While I was browsing through Fibercopia I saw a post about Lori Weitzner Design. So many gorgeous textiles! I want to run my hands over some of those wallcoverings in the worst way.



 I've been playing around with pleated swatches for my quilts, 
so these pleating details really caught my eye.

 tactile wallcoverings, oh my!



All images from Lori Weitzner Design Inc.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

textile tuesday : electronic swatchbook

For me, part of the fun of reading blogs is drifting from blog to blog and link to link. A while back, I discovered  Dyed and Gone to Heaven, where I found out about Australia's Powerhouse Museum and their amazing electronic swatchbook.



!oh, joy!

Source for all swatch images: © 2009 Powerhouse Museum

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

monthly goals - february

Oh, wow! Where did January go? I know I was late in posting my goals, but boy, the month really flew by!

As usual, I think I was a little over-ambitious in setting out my goals, but I also think this is more or less how I am. Maybe one month I'll surprise myself and actually accomplish everything I set out to do.. ha!

To review, here is what i wanted to accomplish in January:

1. Hold sales consistent from last month.  
I missed the mark on this one; January sales were only 2/3 of December, but I still doubled sales from November, so I'm giving myself partial credit.

2. Get the online shops going in a serious way.
hmmm...  I took a few pictures, but I wouldn't say I accomplished the "serious" part. This one stays.

3. Wholesale!
I'm working on this. I've realized that this is a much bigger task than I'd really thought before I got into it. I need to rethink a bit, and break this down into more manageable steps every month.
    January breakdown:
     1. design one more base pattern and rework trellis stripe to be a 2-color pattern. (hex and dismas are ready to go)  Partial credit here... I have a bunch of sketches, but haven't finalized anything.
     2. rework my swatch book to show only base patterns, in all available colors and fabrics Working on this one... it's going to take a few months.
     3. full-size samples of all the products that I offer: dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, linen tea towels, placemats, quilts... also shower curtains, window curtain panels, throw pillows... am I missing anything?
(ETA- yep, forgot table cloths and table runners) Again, this will take a few months, but I'm working on it.
     4. line sheet  nope
     5. make sure my pricing is accurate nope 
     6. spiffy presentation   nope
     7. photos   nope

4. Approach the four BR stores on my list
I didn't do this one either, mainly because I didn't get as far with #3 as I'd hoped. Part of me says, just go and take some stuff to at least one store and go from there, but the other part of me wants to be prepared and make a really top-notch first impression.

5. Valentine's Day

6. Replenish inventory
I did this one too, pretty much a natural extension of working through the wholesale step and developing swatches and samples.

February Goals

1. Increase sales from January
I'd really like to see a 150% increase from January, which would be back at the level of December sales.

2. New Products
    - Scarves. I painted a few silk scarves I had around on a whim to have some different products for the last market. They were pretty well received and I think I would have had more sales if I'd done them in more colors. I need to do this and maybe look into some gauzy cotton as well as silk.
   - Placemats. They're partly done from last month... need to finish them up, take photos, etc.
   - Tablecloths. I'm asked about them at every market. I need to start carrying them. At the very least, this month I need to get the material and plan the patterns/colorways that I want to do.

3. Wholesale!
This month, I need to:
   -finish swatches and products in Hex and Dismas patterns / teal, spice, cherry pop colorways.
   -work on my pricing matrices
   -get going with that line sheet

4. Finish pattern #4 and rework/design for pattern #5
Trellis stripe and as-yet-unnamed pattern, I'm looking in your directions!

5. Shore up the business end of things
I'm talking Bakery's 6-week class and I'm started attending Women in Business brown bag lunches that are put on through the Business School at LSU. I need to stay on top of the Bakery class and attend this month's luncheon.

6. Finish 2 quilts
The fabric is dyed as part of last month's wholesale work, now I need to put them together, quilt them, take photos.

7. Grow inventory and stock online shops
 For serious this time!

8. Finish "Reckoning' (art with a capital A)
I started a conceptual piece a few months ago and it's lingering around unfinished. I have an opportunity to show it next month, but I have to finish it first.

And now I'm putting my foot down with myself and saying, "that's enough!"

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Monday, February 1, 2010


Better late than never, I'm working on getting a few Valentine items into my shops.

(I think I'm getting a little hung up on the photos (ok, really, the editing). I love my camera, and my new white balance thingie, and my new photoshop tricks, but it's coming together more slowly than I'd hoped, which is so often the case lately)

At any rate, here's a peek:

You can find these towels in my Etsy shop. I'll be adding some napkins, placemats, and flags during the course of the day; check back to see the new goodies! 

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