Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer goals - june edition

Last month, I decided to start setting seasonal goals instead of month-by-month, and I think this was an excellent decision. I was really productive, but I didn't feel too overwhelmed by my massive list. win/win!

Here's where things stand:   

Firm Deadlines: 
- May 16 talk CFAL (whoops, that was yesterday, but I think I should still get to cross it off in June) (done!)
- finish custom orders (woohoo!) (done!)
- June, July, August BRAM
- art show entries from calender (missed the deadline, but started a series and added new deadlines, so I get partial credit)
- line sheet / catalog  (by August 1) (done! I need some new pictures for my "products" page, but I have a usable document)
- submit to design blogs (by September 1) (somewhat working on this, a few other things need to happen first, so it's on the back burner until mid-summer)

Projects that have been hanging out on the list for too long and need to get crossed off so i can move on with my life:
- write up 3 patterns (for blog / submission) (nope)
- finish orange quilt (i looked at it, but no credit)
- art quilts / small texture language pieces from sketchbook (photos and show entries) (started! partial credit)
- fleur de lys pattern (SERIOUSLY!) (done!)
- photos of all new items taken, edited and posted (working on this)
- full size samples (other than what I'm carrying in inventory, nope)
- photos of quilts already finished (nope)
- how to batik for blog (video / pics?) (nope)

- maintain ongoing marketing efforts (yes!)
- implement at least 3 new marketing ideas / reach out in 3 new directions ( done!  (ad, aha moment, food bloggers picnic))
- check with biz and marketing plans, evaluate progress and direction (done! both plans need some editing and revisions)
- follow up on existing store/gallery leads (in progress: 2 done, 2 in progress, 5th and 6th need to be addressed)
- 5 - 10 new store/gallery leads (I have 2-4 new leads written in my sketchbook, need to add them to the list)
- 5 - 10 new deadlines added to calender (I printed out at least 5 prospectuses for shows I'm interested in with realistic deadlines, need to add to calender)
- (new) revisions to biz and marketing plans
- (new) fleur pattern into production, build up inventory
- (new) 3 more new marketing/promotion ideas
- (new) improve online conversion rate
Holidays: (NO! d'oh!)
-determine what to carry for holidays and how much (how many markets?)
-design new patterns and dye swatches for new holiday / fall / winter colors
-full-size samples
-begin production

... ... ...


StunningAnnaK said...

I love that you are a list woman! I am too! Keep up the good work!

5 o'clock crows said...

Thanks Anna! I have to get it all out on paper, otherwise I feel it all rattling around in my head and then I start missing deadlines and being wholly unproductive. And I love to cross things off once they're done!

Galit said...

Wow, you're so organized!!
Great list, good luck with achieving all your spring goals!!

5 o'clock crows said...

Thanks Galit! I'm not really that organized, I just impersonate someone who is on the blog - lol...

Carina said...

Great achievements so far. Keep on keepin' on in June!

5 o'clock crows said...

Thanks Carina!