Monday, May 17, 2010

summer goals

I'm late, as usual, with my monthly goals. I've realized that I'm getting really overwhelmed with my gigantic monthly lists and that I end up repeating myself a lot, so I think a bit of restructuring is in order. Summer goals seem like a better fit, and I can still check in ever month and cross things off (I LOVE crossing things off the list... maybe a little too much?).

So, without further ado, here are my summer goals:

Firm Deadlines: 
- May 16 talk CFAL (whoops, that was yesterday, but I think I should still get to cross it off in June)
- finish custom orders (woohoo!)
- June, July, August BRAM
- art show entries from calender
- line sheet / catalog  (by August 1)
- submit to design blogs (by September 1)

Projects that have been hanging out on the list for too long and need to get crossed off so i can move on with my life:
- write up 3 patterns (for blog / submission)
- finish orange quilt
- art quilts / small texture language pieces from sketchbook (photos and show entries)
- fleur de lys pattern (SERIOUSLY!)
- photos of all new items taken, edited and posted
- full size samples
- photos of quilts already finished
- how to batik for blog (video / pics?)

- maintain ongoing marketing efforts
- implement at least 3 new marketing ideas / reach out in 3 new directions
- check with biz and marketing plans, evaluate progress and direction
- follow up on existing store/gallery leads
- 5 - 10 new store/gallery leads
- 5 - 10 new deadlines added to calender

-determine what to carry for holidays and how much (how many markets?)
-design new patterns and dye swatches for new holiday / fall / winter colors
-full-size samples
-begin production

whew! I feel so much better now that I'm not carrying that all around in my head.

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Liz said...

WOW, awesome list Sara. I definitely have my larg(er) master list too, and then pick from that for each month depending on deadlines and like that. Must feel totally wonderful to have it all down like that. Have a great rest of May Sara!

5 o'clock crows said...

Thanks Liz! I'm hoping that this will keep me from feeling so overwhelmed since I keep making these monster monthly lists. I'm trying out the long view.. lol!