Thursday, May 6, 2010

wolfgang laib

Wolfgang Laib is an amazing artist who has done quite a bit of work with pollen, among other things.

Wolfgang Laib

Wolfgang Laib / Untitled / 1998
pollen from hazelnut / height: 2 3/4 " (7 cm)

Here's a video of Laib's show, Frieze of Life, at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York in 2009.

I'm fascinated with Laib's use of color and natural materials, and especially his emphasis on process and ritual. I love thinking about the scale of the materials, just how many tiny bits of pollen are required to create one piece, and then the time and process involved in collecting it. As austere as Laib's finished pieces may appear, I can't help but engage with the richness of thought behind them.


Wolfgang Laib at Sperone Westwater
Laib at Sean Kelly Gallery
Laib at Journal of Contemporary Art

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M.M.E. said...

Aaahh! Goodness, it's a marvelous idea but my nose is stuffing up just looking at these pictures. He obviously doesn't have allergies. I wonder where he gets that pollen.

Giridharkhasnis said...

very interesting. do u have mr. laib's email id. my email id is