Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grandfather's Envelopes

I have a thing for envelopes. I've made quite a bit of artwork with them, and despite the fact that I now work with them in a more conventional commercial printing day-to-day way, they still provoke me.

I think it may be something to do with anticipation and surprise. How do you feel when you get a letter in the mail? How does the paper feel in your hand? Can you imagine the penstrokes seeping into the paper, the rhythm of the hand that was writing? How do you open it, and what is inside? Secret, private, protected contents, traveling in their paper case; the ensuing interaction between the sender and the recipient taking place at one remove...

Oh my, handmade Japanese envelopes... {swoon}. Perfection of craft for its own sake... {I can hardly breathe}

This is Grandfather's Envelopes, which I stumbled across on Zuihitsu a few months ago. If I'm lucky, eventually I'll track down a copy for myself, In the meantime, just contemplating it keeps my mind all aflutter.

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