Wednesday, March 17, 2010

better late than never

I've been planning on posting my March goals since the beginning of the month, but somehow, a few days (...) have slipped by and now it's mid-month. Better late than never, no?

 5 o'clock crows
hand-dyed batik on cotton

Here's a quick rundown of my February list:

1. Increase sales from January - I came close, but didn't quite make it
2. New Products
    - Scarves. Done!, Placemats. Nope, Tablecloths. I have the fabric...
3. Wholesale!
   -finish swatches and products in Hex and Dismas patterns / teal, spice, cherry pop colorways. Yes!
   -work on my pricing matrices Nope
   -get going with that line sheet Nope
4. Finish pattern #4 and rework/design for pattern #5
Trellis stripe (done!) and as-yet-unnamed pattern (nope), I'm looking in your directions!
5. Shore up the business end of things
I'm talking Bakery's 6-week class and I'm started attending Women in Business brown bag lunches that are put on through the Business School at LSU. I need to stay on top of the Bakery class and attend this month's luncheon. I did a decent job keeping up with the class. Didn't make the luncheon though.
6. Finish 2 quilts
The fabric is dyed as part of last month's wholesale work, now I need to put them together, quilt them, take photos. One finished, one part done. woohoo!
7. Grow inventory and stock online shops
I made some headway. This is ongoing.
8. Finish "Reckoning' (art with a capital A)
I started a conceptual piece a few months ago and it's lingering around unfinished. I have an opportunity to show it next month, but I have to finish it first. I've decided to change direction a bit on this; instead of keeping art and craft separate, I want to see more art in my craft, and let my craft flow into my art. We'll see what happens- there are some good things brewing in my sketchbook!

5 o'clock crows
hand-dyed batik on cotton

 For March, I'm keeping it short(ish) and sweet!

1. Finish 2 quilts for Ephemeral show

2. Resolve hanging/display system for Ephemeral show

3. New pattern for NOLA market: trellis stripe redesign

4. New colors for NOLA market: summery, pastel, nonpareil candy colors

5. New product for NOLA market: wall hangings and/or pillows

5. Pastel flags custom order

6. Produce! Produce! Produce! My first big 2-day festival, FestForAll, is the first weekend in May... right around the corner!

7. At least 3 blog posts per week

... ... ...

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