Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hot Pink

Hot pink shibori fabric = love.

I made this a while ago and it got mixed in with a bunch of other fabric. I discovered it earlier this week when I was reorganizing my studio. I don't know what my thing with hot pink is lately but this is so girly and perfect!

The whole piece:

Detail shot:

The "stripes" in this fabric are made from sewing a running stitch and gathering the fabric along the stitches before dyeing it. Surely, I need to make more of this. Immediately.

A few more garden shots

I love this time of year...something blooming today that was just a bud yesterday. All sorts of quiet changes taking place.

All of the following photos were taken by Buddy Harper.

This is a clematis that our landscape architect neighbor gave us. It was unbelievably finicky when we tried to transplant it. I think it took 3 tries before it didn't die within the first 12 hours. And then it was touch and go. Apparently now it has decided that it likes us and is growing all over the place. The flowers are unbelievable. There are about a million buds on the vines right now...the next few weeks are going to be amazing!

The globe azalea. The color is breathtaking. I can't even begin to fathom how old this plant is.

We call this the rooster plant because the foliage looks like a rooster tail. The flowers look like orchids and only last one day. Beautiful and fleeting.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An afternoon in the garden

Today is so beautiful and there's so much going on in the garden...I had to get out and take some pictures. The garden is looking incredible lately. In truth, I can't take any credit, or much anyway. This is mostly my husband's project and he's been working at it for the last seven years or so to get it looking like it is now.

It was nice to take a break from taking pictures of my work and just play around. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

This is the back garden which is shaded for most of the day. I love all the contrast in the shapes and shades of green. We do get a few flowers back here, even with the shade. You can see little bits of the red Turk's Cap flowers towards the back. The irises in the front are sending up flower spikes, and the shade violets are just coming up.

Butterfly iris.

I'm not sure what this plant is called. The flower is like a giant dandelion. I love this moment of unfurling.

The dwarf apricot is fruiting this year! I wonder if the fruit is edible.

Day lilies, with the massive marjoram plant behind.

Varigated shell ginger. Some of my favorite foliage. I can't wait until this blooms...the most beautiful flowers ever!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chevron Lattice/Swanson Stripe Quilt

Here are a few shots of my Chevron Lattice Quilt, backed with Swanson stripe. Both front and back are my original 3-color batik patterns.

I'm still playing with the best way to present the full size quilt. I'm thinking about going out with the camera and taking tons of pictures of possible backgrounds...this is still an evolving process for me. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Chevron Lattice/Swanson Stripe
Perse/Lagoon Multi front & back
51" x 68"
3-color batik
Single Panel with Side Borders
100% cotton fabric and batting
cotton and rayon thread

Here's a close up shot of the front. You can really see the wax breaks in the batik pattern in this shot. of my favorite things about batik.

Here's a shot of the front with the side border included. The quilting shows up so much more clearly on the unpatterned fabric.

This is the back in Swanson Stripe.

And a few close ups of the back.

For more information on this quilt, check out my etsy shop. Just click on the link in the sidebar and you'll be right there! You can also contact me using the Contact Me! link in my sidebar if you'd like more information about any of my pieces or custom work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perse Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I posted an image of the fabric for the front of this quilt earlier this week. Here is a shot of the finished piece.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Perse/Meadow Single Panel
48" x 72"

I don't have a large amount of wall space so I've been playing around with the photo documentation of my finished pieces, especially the larger ones. Photoshop has been my best friend in this. I haven't settled on a format and I'm still trying out different ideas; I don't like the photos as they are and I don't like to float them on an amorphous grey background. Right now I'm working with enlargements of the pattern of the actual quilt as the background as you can see above.

I'm also working on finding some new locations for photos and an easily portable display system. I'm not sure that I'm 100% satisfied with this presentation, but in the spirit of my mantra "if you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done" I've gone ahead and posted what I have.

Here are a few close up shots. This is the front, the Perse side.

Originally I had only planned to quilt around the large patterned rings. I knew this quilt would be getting a lot of use and I don't generally like to leave more than 4-5" of open space between quilting lines so I added the inside rings to echo the patterned rings. I'm really pleased with the result. I really like the contrast that happens on the back between the silvery-grey of the quilting around the large rings and the purple of the small quilted rings.

This is the back, the Meadow side. I really like the stripe here. Not too complicated but just enough to make the back special. I don't like to leave the back of a quilt as an afterthought, especially if it's going to be used instead of hung on a wall.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Laced in Lemongrass

Here's my latest color combination- Lemongrass. It's an acidy green with medium and dark brown tones. In honor of my favorite soup...yummy.

Since this is a dish towel, here's the neatly folded shot.

And the unfolded shot.

A close up; you can see the breaks that happen in the wax during the dyeing process. The salt and dye fix break down the wax so each successive color affects the wax a little more. I've been playing with this breakdown and trying to use it to my advantage. I've found that rewaxing the front and/or back will give different effects.

The back is slightly different from the front because of the way I apply the wax on the front and back and over previously waxed areas. You can see this most clearly in the areas where my brushstrokes overlapped.

Perse Double Wedding Ring Fabric

This is one of my new batik patterns based on the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern. I dyed the fabric a very light purple to take the edge off the stark fabric white, then drew the pattern with wax and dyed it up in Perse (the dark reddish violet).

I've already finished the quilt, and I'll post an image of the finished piece along with some fabric close ups later this week.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Swanson Stripe- Modified

I love a good stripe. Really, I can't get enough of stripes. It borders on ridiculous. So, needless to say, whenever I'm dying fabric, I usually throw in a stripe pattern somewhere.

This fabric (Swanson Stripe)

was supposed to go with this fabric (Laced).

On paper, it seemed like the colors had enough in common that they would coordinate and make a nice piece. Once I got the fabric out of the final vats...not so much. The last color (dark brownish red) is the same on both pieces, but the strong orange underneath it on the Swanson Stripe really pushes the red in a different direction from the dark brown red on the Laced piece. I tried and tried to convince myself that they would work together, but in the end I think it's best they go into separate quilts.

I dyed up a nice pink that goes well with the pink stripe in the Swanson yardage. This time around, I'm going to work on a more complex quilting pattern in the unpatterned pink section instead of using batik to pattern the fabric while I'm dying it and then following that pattern with the quilting as I've done in previous pieces.

The quilting will be based on one of my new patterns, Floris.

This is the plan for a batik stamp. I'm working with it to create a continuous line design which will be more conducive to machine quilting.

I'm really excited about this quilt. I've been wanting to use hot colors and pink in particular... I've been feeling girly lately. I think this will be fun to make and fun to look at once it's done. And who can resist a hot pink AND a good stripe. Not me!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Fabric - Laced

Here is a shot of my newest fabric, a 3 color + white batik. Originally this was supposed to be part of a triple panel quilt, but I didn't think it looked as good with the other fabric as I had hoped, so it's hanging out as unassigned yardage for now. On the plus side, now I have the materials dyed and ready for 2 quilts instead of one...yay!

This pattern is called Laced.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Now you can buy five o'clock crows

It's been a while since my last post. I've been dyeing lots of fabric dishtowels over the last few weeks. Somehow it ends up that I'm either good about making work or good about documenting my work, but not both at the same time. The good thing is that there are lots of pictures to come.

First things first, I'm slowly but surely adding items back into my etsy shop.
You can see it here:

If you're not familiar with etsy, it's a great place to support artists and buy handmade! I'll be adding new items every few days for a while, so please check back often.


Second: pictures! Here are a few of my batik flour sack dishtowels.

Pattern: Swanson stripe
Colorway: Chocolate Mint

Pattern: Planet
Colorway: Sour Apple

Pattern: Laced
Colorway: Almond