Thursday, November 5, 2009

thanks! and a bit of random

First things first, 5 o'clock crows Watermelon Shibori Coasters were featured on Wednesday's Wish List yesterday. Thanks Audrey!!

... ... ...

I've been getting new 5 o'clock crows work packaged and ready to go for the Arts Market this weekend. If you're in downtown Baton Rouge on Saturday morning, stop by and say hi! : )

New patterns, new colors, dinner napkins, woohoo!

While I've been folding and wrapping, I've been OCD listening to this song on repeat. I'm completely addicted!

I'm pretty addicted to the video too. I love the unreality of it, the feeling that time is not moving at the usual rate. There's a sense of things not being exactly as they seem, and a Gatsby-ish feel to the whole thing. And the the costumes. And dancing in the fountain! yes!

... ... ...

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