Monday, October 5, 2009

Monthly Goal Meetup

I'm not sure whether I'm late or early, I was doing the monthly goal meetup with Modish and somehow I've never quite been on schedule. I think I'm late (again).

Nevertheless, a new month calls for some evaluation and some new goals, so off we go!

Here are my September goals:

1. Improve conversion rate & increase sales.
*work through browsers to buyers notes and make changes
* seasonal themed items
(halloween, thanksgiving)
* new patterns using less labor-intensive processes to diversify product/
price range
  Brickel Shibori
* approach bloggers

* local boutiques/markets (PT)
In the works.
* put together information & follow up with existing contacts
Also in the works.

New patterns
* experiment with folded, twisted, clamped resists   Brickel Shibori is a folded resist.

3. New products
* zip bags
* pillow covers

. New colorways
* orange
* cranberry

* emerald green

5. New quilts
* continue "break" series
* "furrow" quilt - develop colors
- lake/poppy, gold sand/? This is now Farrow. Swatches are done, presentation needs to be finished, photos taken, some accessories (throw pillows), maybe a second quilt.

6. Find shows to enter, assemble deadline calendar, including 3 Rivers next June. Done. I need to keep this up every month.

7. Business Plan-- finished! (I've been kind of stalled out on this one)

8. Prepare for Arts Market in early October Done! Now I need to make monthly improvements to my display.

So so. Not great, not terrible. I stalled out a little bit and lost my focus for a while, so all in all, I'm pleased with how much I accomplished. I've decided to be very ambitious for October. We'll see how it goes.

October Goals:

* display improvements for November market (underskirt, vertical display, styling)

* online/shop improvements :
    - continue with b2b suggestions,
    - weekly critiques
    - new photos (packaged shots, styling)
    - approach bloggers

* follow up on September contacts
* develop 2 new contacts
* add to deadline list - shows to enter, other opportunities (surrealism show)

* new quilt set: "skew" (play with pattern direction (farrow?))
* new products: zip bags, throw pillows (Farrow plain, Farrow directional)
* new colors: teal, emerald, eggplant, peachy pink, pagoda
* new batik pattern (horatio screen, fleur)

* Farrow spec quilt (lake/red, eggplant/?, teal/pagoda)
* Farrow demo to KD (teal)

* write up 1st drafts of quilt patterns (eclipse, basketweave, hourglass, chevron + stripe)

* nice quilt phots

* design stationery- (shipping suite, general correspondence)
* trifold brochure
* single page website
* business plan

I realize this is probably more than I'll get finished this month, but I'm going to go for it and see how much I can get done.

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