Tuesday, October 6, 2009

glass microbiology

I love science. I love graphs and technical drawing, counting and categorizing, measuring, microscopy, dissection, and hypothesizing. The highlight of my foundation drawing class was visiting the anatomy lab.

Needless to say, I gasped aloud when I saw these sculptures from Luke Jerram's Glass Microbiology series over on MVSEVM.

To quote Jerram's website, "These transparent glass sculptures were created to contemplate the global impact of each disease and to consider how the artificial colouring of scientific imagery affects our understanding of phenomena. Jerram is exploring the tension between the artworks' beauty and what they represent, their impact on humanity."

e. coli


 swine flu

Ah, yes, the tension. Beautiful, clean sculptures of devastating and dangerous things. So often the work I like best has a tension, be it between art/craft, beautiful/dangerous, or whathaveyou.

These pieces are so clean, so isolated and scientific, so removed, so clinical. But they're so tactile, to me they beg to be touched, which adds another layer of tension. What textures would be under my fingers, and what coldness?

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