Monday, October 26, 2009

binding woes

I've been experimenting with the binding on the last few quilts I've made, and I've yet to come up with a method I love.

I don't like to machine stitch the binding to the front and then hand sew it to the back because I feel like hand sewing takes too long. Instead, I've been machine sewing the binding to the back, and wrapping it around to the front and machine sewing it again. But I'm not happy with the way the corners turn out when I do that, and the front ends up showing more of the binding than the back. It's one of those things that nobody's ever commented about, but drives me crazy.

My latest experiment was another exercise in what not to do, as evidenced by this bit of surgery:

For this binding experiment, I tried to cut 1 3/4" strips for a double fold binding, so that the wraparound to the front was the same size as the back. Big mistake! The binding was too narrow and difficult to apply evenly. So I thought maybe grading the seams would help. No dice. The only thing I could think of at that point was to take the whole thing off and start again.

If anyone has a good method for applying binding, I'd love to hear about it.

In the meantime, I need to put this quilt away for a few days before I drive myself crazy.

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Glassprimitif said...

Corners are a pain, aren't they. I always make a pleat in the binding at the corner - makes it look tidier. But I DO machine stitch at the front and hand stitch at the back.

Sara Hopp Harper said...

I've been wondering if I need to suck it up and start hand stitching the back.