Thursday, October 29, 2009

* and art: liza lou

I first fell in love with Liza Lou's work when I saw a picture of 'Kitchen' during art history class my freshman year in college. What obsessiveness! I was fascinated.

Liza Lou
Kitchen, 1991-1995
168 square feet
glass beads

Liza Lou, Kitchen, detail

Liza Lou, Kitchen, detail

While writing this post, I discovered something new about this piece; this fragment of an Emily Dickinson poem.

Liza Lou, Kitchen, detail

She rose to his requirements, dropped 
The playthings of her life
To take the honorable work
 Of woman and of wife.

Visit here to see the whole poem

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This is one of Lou's more recent pieces, Continuous Mile, a mile long coiled rope woven from white glass beads and cotton. This piece was made by both Lou and her team of South African studio assistants using traditional Zulu bead technique.

Liza Lou
Continuous Mile, 2007-2008 
glass beads, cotton 
freeform sculpture approx: 77" d, 32" h  

I really like 'Continuous Mile', although I like it differently than 'Kitchen'. 'Continuous Mile' resonates with so many of the themes that interest me in my own work: counting, distance, measuring, obsessive and repetitive and time-consuming work.

More about Liza Lou at lmgallery, the Met, and deitch gallery.

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