Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the pants quilt and more cigarette math

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we got on the subject of crazy quilts. I remembered I've had this top sitting on my shelf, waiting to for a back and finishing.

I'm not sure when I started this quilt, but it's been a slow project that I've worked on every now and again over the last few years. When I started it, I thought my own quilt work was getting to be a little too rigid and geometric. Crazy quilts seemed like a good way to ease into more improvisational way to sew, a way of courting imperfection, as it were. I like a bit of spontaneity in my art, so why not in my craft too?

pants quilt top - back view
recycled pants
approx. 120" x 120"

I love the back as much as the front. So much texture from all those seams.

pants quilt top - front view
recycled pants
approx. 120" x 120"
This is just a peek of the top draped over a table. I have a few spots where I can go take photos of this piece all spread out, but since I haven't put the back on yet I didn't want to get anything on it since I can't wash it. Once I get the back on and the quilting done, I'll get some shots of the full piece. 

  pants quilt top - back view (overexposed)
recycled pants
approx. 120" x 120
I've been experimenting with my photos; as I've mentioned before, I feel like this is an area that needs improvement. I've been playing with shutter speeds and all that stuff, and getting a ton of overexposed shots in the process. I really like the way the pattern of the seams and the bits of darker value fabric make a secondary pattern in this shot.

..... ...... .....

Warning: possible MailArt spoiler!

Again with the unrelated second part, but I wanted to post another shot of cigarette math, since my preview was such a big tease. I'm working on getting some "official" shots of the piece, but stacks are so much more fun.

cigarette math (i cannot stop wanting what i cannot have) 
relief print, wax, cotton thread, mixed media
approx. 4" x 6"

This is a jumping off point for a larger piece, so there's more cigarette math to come. Better to play with drawings of cigarettes than actually smoke them, but boy, how I miss them.

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Beverly said...

I just love that quilt top! I have always wanted to do that with old jeans. Way to go!