Monday, September 28, 2009

cigarette math postcard preview and some eye candy

I'm taking part in a mail art postcard exchange, and as usual, working right up to the last minute. Despite (or maybe because of?) the fact that I made this project ridiculously complicated, I'm really pleased with the way my cards are turning out. Here's a peek.

Cigarette Math (stack) 
relief print, paper, wax, cotton thread, mixed media
each piece approx: 4 x 6", stack dimensions variable

I'll post a picture of the front of the cards once they start reaching their destinations. I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise!

..... ..... .....

This is completely unrelated, but I stumbled across this video for Fountain by Sara Lov and just fell in love with it. I am especially taken with the vintage-textile-y flowers and all of the different textures. 

Sara Lov, Fountain, from "Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming"
Illustrated by Seonna Hong, Animated/Directed by Marco Morandi

Check out Sara Lov on YouTube or her website.

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Alicia Istanbul said...

It's so cool to see what the back looks like. I've never seen the back of a quilt before.