Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 - for - Tuesday

Today's 3 - for - Tuesday is all about lace! This is the work of Glory by Jeannie Lee.

Jeannie's beautiful shrugs, boleros, and jackets are created using recycled lace. My eyes are blurring just thinking about all the precision cutting and assembly work that goes into them.

Chantilly Lace, sequins, pearls

And last, what girl doesn't love a pair of fishnets, at least every now and then? I know how much more comfortable hand knit socks are than their machine made counterparts, so I can only imagine how much more comfortable hand knit stockings are.

Fishnet and Lace Thigh High Stockings
black elastic thread, lace inserts



Jeannie said...

Thanks so much for including my work! I hope you enjoy browsing...

Sachi said...

Yes, Jennie's work is really amazing. She has a great eye for the unique and artistic side of everyday items. Way to go Jennie.


ennadoolf said...


down pillow said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I am a follower!!