Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 - for - Tuesday

Today's 3-for-Tuesday features the beautiful silk scarves of Lasidi. I love Sidi's color combinations, especially the goldish-greens and hot pinks. Although a lot of her patterns are based on geometry, all of Sidi's work has a fluidity and spontaneity that I really enjoy, and which I think is such an important part of making (and buying) handmade.

Little Batik Spots
hand dyed batik on silk

21" x 21" (55 x 55 cm)

hand dyed batik on silk
15-3/4" x 59" (40 x 150 cm)

Tessellated Silk Shawl
hand dyed batik on silk
18" x 72" (45 x 180 cm)

Find out more about Sidi and her work in her etsy shop or on her blog.


Sidi said...

Being featured is so exciting!! Thank you sooo much for your lovely words and support! :)

Sara Hopp Harper said...

Your work is beautiful, Sidi! I'm so glad to feature you.

StudioHaus said...

love the teal!

~ StudioHaus.etsy.com

Sara Hopp Harper said...

Thanks! The teal/ocean reminds me of visiting my grandmother at the beach when I was little.