Thursday, August 6, 2009

textiles and art

I used to love the knitting and fine art column that Amy Singer wrote for Interweave Knits. As I've been looking at textiles and pattern in Japanese prints, and also started look for textiles in art in general, I've been thinking about that column quite a bit. Although it was geared specifically to knitting, it really sparked my interest in the history and representation of textiles in general. As I'm discovering, this is an area where the more I learn, the more I want to learn.

I couldn't find any links to the interweave articles, but if you want to know more about Amy Singer, check out her website, or take a look at Knitty (she's the founder!)

So with a nod to Amy and Interweave, this week's textiles in art loveliness is another Japanese print. Because I'm addicted.

Toyonobu Beauty Under Cherry Blossoms
Wide-hashiraeban, beni-e, 50.9 x 23.2 cm
Publisher: Urokogata-ya Magobei. Date: c. 1740s
Riccar Art Museum, Japan

"Cherry-blossom viewing. A girl binding a strip of fancy paper bearing a poem to branches of a cherry tree. A curtain, under which a carpet is seen, is hung up for a banquet under the cherry blossoms. " *

..... ..... .....

* Japanese print image, caption, and description:
Neuer, Roni, Herbert Libertson, and Susugu Yoshida. Ukiyo-E: 250 Years of Japanese Art. New York, Gallery Books, 1979.

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