Friday, August 7, 2009

Monthly Goal Meetup and my 100th post!

Wow! I just realized that this is my 100th post! I feel like I've reached a blog milestone. I think this calls for a little cake. (really, though, what doesn't call for some cake?)

Now that we've all enjoyed some sugar, it's down to business, this being the first Friday in August. Time for the monthly goal meetup on Modish Biz Tips.

Here are my July goals, and how I did with them.

1. double sales from last month
OK, this one gets partial credit. Sales were up but not doubled. But- exposure is way up. The blog has grown and my etsy shop has had tons of traffic. Not too shabby. Now I need to work on my conversion rate- turning all that traffic into sales. I'm hoping that back-to school and upcoming holidays will be helpful with this too.
2. diversify product line- design 2 new patterns, choose 2-4 new colors
Check and check! Binary and Trellis Stripe are the 2 new patterns. Ocean and Cherry Pop are 2 new colors.
3. tea towels and napkins in new colors & designs made and ready to post in the shops
check and check again! OK, a little fudge, I do need to take & edit some more photos. But the items are made- so by the letter of the law...ha ha ha
4. business plan
I've been diligently working on this. I've done one section each week and it's mostly finished. It does need quite a bit of editing, but I actually enjoy editing, that's the easy part! I get to check this off and it stays on the list.
5. apply to 1000 Markets
Done- and accepted! My 1000 Markets shop
6. apply to arts market
Done- literally by the skin of my teeth! I submitted this application this morning. Actually, the goal meetup is responsible. I was going over my goals 2 weeks ago so that I could make sure I had a handle on everything and I realized I needed to print the application for the arts market. When I did that, I realized the deadline was today. Plenty of time to get it done, but if I'd allowed myself to put it off onto next month's goals like I have for the past few months, I would have had to wait until November to submit again. Yay! A goal meetup success story!!
7. organize! paperwork, daily to-do list, schedule, finished product storage
This is going to be an ongoing project, along with completely redoing my studio. Not looking forward to the process, but looking very forward to the result.

August Goals:

1. Improve conversion rate & increase sales.
*work through browsers to buyers notes and make changes
* holiday themed items, starting with Halloween

* new patterns using less labor-intensive processes to diversify product/price range

* approach bloggers

* local boutiques/markets
* put together information & follow up with existing contacts

2 new patterns
* experiment with folded, twisted, clamped resists
* laced batik pattern

* arach batik pattern

3. 2 new colorways
* chocolate cherry
* majolica blue

* something orange

* cranberry

* emerald green

4. 2 quilts finished
* finish "break" art quilt
* continue "break" series

* "furrow" quilt - develop colors
- lake/poppy, gold sand/?

5. address wholesaling

6. find shows to enter, assemble deadline calendar, including 3 Rivers next June.

7. Business Plan-- finished!

That's it! Next check in is Monday, August 31.

And if you haven't checked out Modish, you should!

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