Monday, July 13, 2009

monthly goals

I've been working on my business plan over the last few weeks, following along with the Retail: Brick by Brick feature over on Modish Biz Tips blog. I'm so happy to find this, and so grateful for it, since I'd most likely avoid anything that even smacked of business plan if it weren't for Lili Nedved and Henry Sinha telling me exactly what to do. The whole thing is so accessible and do-able. I can't say enough good things about it.

Anyway, while I was looking around on Modish, I discovered this monthly goal setting feature. I decided to participate on the sly.

After a week, I realized why I really need to participate out in the open.

I love to make lists. More to the point, I love to add things to lists. I say to myself, well, if I can have 4 goals for July, I can certainly add 2 more. And then 3 days later, when I've thought of some other things I want to get done, well, I can get 6 things done this month, and then why not 10? And on and on until my goal list has become my master to-do list and I've totally defeated the point of goal setting or prioritizing.

So I'm coming out and posting my goals here for all to see. Visibility and accountability will be my friends.

July Goals

1. double sales from last month
2. diversify product line- design 2 new patterns, choose 2-4 new colors
3. tea towels and napkins in new colors & designs made and ready to post in the shops
4. business plan
5. apply to 1000 Markets
6. apply to arts market
7. organize! paperwork, daily to-do list, schedule, finished product storage

And now I'm not allowed ANY MORE ADDITIONS! This is absolutely plenty to do this month. Anything else on this list is getting into unrealistic territory.

We'll see how I did on the first Friday in August, when I evaluate my progress and set new goals.



Kedzie said...

This is great Sara! I know we were going to have a little business chat soon, but now it looks like it will be you showing me the ropes.

Sara Hopp Harper said...

lol- I'm not really together, I just play someone who is on the internet. :)