Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today's 3-for-Tuesday features the work of dye diana dye. Diana, the artist behind it all, uses shibori processes to create her gorgeous designs. Shibori is a resist process, like batik. But whereas batik uses wax to resist the dye, shibori uses the fabric itself. Dye does not penetrate as much into fabric that's bound to itself, and where it does penetrate, it's likely to separate, creating variations in the color.

To quote Diana, "Shibori is the ancient Japanese technique of creating resists for dye. I use hand-stitched resists, such as ori-nui (running stitch over folded cloth, for spirals, stems, and other lines and curves), hira-nui (running stitch on a single layer of cloth, for lines), maki-nui (chevron lines), awase-nui (intersecting arcs, for leaves), ne-maki (little circles), maki-age (bound fabric within a shape for flowers), and mokume-nui (parallel rows of running stitch, for wood grain like striations)."

You can see more of Diana's lovely work on 1000 Markets and etsy.


For more information on shibori, check out the Shibori Museum, and there's always wikipedia.



Approachable Art said...

Really cool! :D

Diana said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this gorgeous feature! I do love what I do, and I hope it shows. :)

vilatesniftynook said...

i am excited to follow your blog. it looks like a very creative one. i will have to come back and spend some time browsing when i can give it the attention it deserves. :)