Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I discovered the work of Barb Wills when I was looking through past award winners in the Quilt National show.

In 2007, Ms. Wills won the Lynn Goodwin Borgman Award for Surface Design with this piece.

Layered Structures 64
Silk printed with original relief plates in multiple layers, linear elements created with various bamboo sticks that were inked and printed numerous times, back is sheer fabric printed with inked bamboo sticks, hand stitching with perle cotton.
38" x 52"

The surface treatment reminded me so much of etching, I had to find out more.

It turns out Barb Wills is a printmaker /fiber/ mixed media artist! Sound familiar? I love it.

Here are two more examples of her work.

Layered Structures 93
Shibori Process printed silk on canvas
30" x 30"

Layered Structures 70

relief plate printed silk on mixed media canvas
15" x 30"

You can find out more about Barb Will's quilts and her creative process here.



Delaney Gates said...

You're just so talented and creative! Love that! :)

Sara Hopp Harper said...

Thanks so much, Delaney! :)

Shannon said...

I certainly do know your feelings about making stacks of things and taking pictures of them! Love it! The napkins look great, too. :)