Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This week, 3-for-Tuesday is all about suzani. It seems like they've been popping up on my radar all over the place lately. While looking for images for this post, I discovered that they've been all here and there for a while now, so apparently I'm late to the hoopla. But they are beautiful, interesting, and functional historic textiles, so I can't resist posting about them anyway.

A little background: Suzani originated in what is now Uzbekistan, where the Silk Road connected the cultures of Europe, Turkey, China, and the Muslim world. Central Asian nomadic tribes produced many amazing textiles and suzani were no exception. They served many uses in the home and were often part of a girl's dowry.

The word "suzani" comes from the Persian word for needle or needlework, which makes sense since the patterns are created by embroidery. Chain, satin, and buttonhole stitches are most often used, along with couching stitches.

And here are my 3-for-Tuesday picks:

image from bukhara carpets

image from the textile museum

If you're interested, here are a few more resources about the history and the making of suzani.
All About Suzani
Persian Carpet Guide

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kay said...

I have just discovered suzanis also, and now I see them everywhere. I have purchased three on Ebay, and I just love them. I think they are sort of the middle-Eastern equivalent of our quilts. I plan to use them in many ways--as coverlets, tablecloths, throws, pillow covers, etc.