Thursday, July 16, 2009

homemade butter- tasted and approved

I recently discovered angry chicken. if you haven't seen this blog, you should check it out.

There was a post about homemade butter, and since I'm a lover of homemade bread and often have leftover heavy cream hanging around in the fridge, I needed to try it.

Here's the recipe I used: food processor butter . So easy! And so tasty. I didn't use quite enough salt in my first batch, but other than that, perfect!

I wanted to use the food processor because I read about buttermilk splattering out of the stand mixer all over the kitchen when I was researching recipes. Too messy for me! I needed to do this in a closed, secured environment. And boy, I'm glad I did. The buttermilk part was sudden and potentially super-messy.

This is perfect with my homemade bread. I HATE to throw away food, especially spendy heavy cream, which I never can seem to use up before it turns. I love it when things are all pocketbook friendly and delicious.

Speaking of pocketbook friendly and delicious, you should check out this cooking blog: recession recipes. Great, great stuff. So much I want to try! (via photosmashing)

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