Thursday, June 11, 2009

nectarine silk

During the last week, I've been really trying to let go of frustration and reduce friction in my life. I decided that it would help a lot if I started making more things just because they make me happy... some "just for me" projects, if you will.

For my first project, I'm making a shibori dyed silk scarf. I've been lusting after pole-wrapped silk for a while now, so that's what I'm doing. And I've craving some orange. Perfect! I pole wrapped two scarves, mixed some orange and yellow dyes, and got down to it.

They're curing now. I can't wait until tonight when they'll be ready to unwrap.

What makes me happiest about these scarves is the color. So close to the nectarine that I love so much. Or, they look that way now. This is not necessarily how they'll look once they're done. But, even if the color is fleeting, it still makes me smile.

Better yet, I didn't make up a formula or do any dye crosses to get it. How serendipitous! I feel like I was rewarded for going with the flow- a little present just for me.

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Roarclothing said...

yeah - they really are stunning! that pink colour is so vibrant :)

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