Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Please excuse our appearance...

I've changed the format of the blog. Nice, yes? I like it much better. Something about that gigantic column with the tiny one over to the right always bothered me. I never felt like my images were comfortable and it just looked...awkward. Maybe I was around commercial printing too long. Maybe I'm just OCD. This is neither here nor there....

I need to relink a few things, get a banner up, do some organizing, and generally get everything back in order. Apparently some widgets were lost, blah blah blah. I don't really know what a widget is, so this may take a few days to get straightened out. Please bear with me while I get things back up to speed.

I was going to be all clever and put up a construction sign. But I think this is so much funnier, even though it really doesn't have much to do with construction at all. Maybe I'm a little overtired??

I'm still laughing.

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