Sunday, May 3, 2009

Plank Set

I'm constantly reorganizing my studio since it seems like half of me loves creative chaos and half of me is a neat freak. This constant turnover of stuff has been good for me...I can't lose anything when I'm constantly rethinking/reinventing/reorganizing my space. In all of the shuffle, I came across a few pieces that I don't think I documented when I finished them at the end of last year.

The first is this quilt, which features a new set of mine called Brick.

Brick Set Quilt
45" x 73"
commercial cotton fabric, cotton thread, cotton batting

This quilt is much scrappier looking than my usual work. In my ongoing efforts to reduce waste, and save money and resources, I've been using my stash of commercial fabric to come up with new sets and try new techniques. I have forbidden myself from dyeing ANY fabric to use for these experimental projects. Ostensibly, I'll kill three birds with one stone by doing this; stash reduction, new sets, and more quilts for use around the house (you can never have enough quilts, even if you live in a hot humid climate and "winter" only lasts about 6 weeks).

I like where this set is going, but it's not quite there in this piece for me. I want to play with the proportions of the bricks on this one some more and maybe limit the color scheme...possibly down to a monotone. Next time I'll definitely use my own hand dyed/hand patterned fabric. Maybe some sashing? Monotone bricks with contrast sashing, or 2 contrasting colors of bricks with neutral sashing... I think there are quite a few possible directions and ideas.

Here's the back.


As you can see, I'm still working with different ideas about the documentation/presentation of these larger pieces. I'd love to hear any comments/suggestions on presenting larger format work. What's worked for you? Have you seen any great shots of larger pieces?

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