Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bedding Envy

I've been thinking about some new quilt designs, specifically something more masculine.

I have a knot pattern that I used on our wedding invitations a few years ago which I think would translate really well into hand-drawn batik. A knot in off-white down the length of the quilt, echoed and slightly offset it in a tone-on-tone, and echoed again in the quilting (an even more subtle tone-on-tone variation) would make a striking piece that would be fairly masculine. Especially if I used a deep blue or earthy brown color palette.

I was looking at Bedding Envy (with a title like that, how could I NOT look?) and I came across this.

So close to what I'd been thinking! Now I feel really excited to get started. Lucky for me I just finished a quilt and have some fabric calling my name in the studio.

Now the hard part- deciding between brown and blue.


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