Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perse Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I posted an image of the fabric for the front of this quilt earlier this week. Here is a shot of the finished piece.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Perse/Meadow Single Panel
48" x 72"

I don't have a large amount of wall space so I've been playing around with the photo documentation of my finished pieces, especially the larger ones. Photoshop has been my best friend in this. I haven't settled on a format and I'm still trying out different ideas; I don't like the photos as they are and I don't like to float them on an amorphous grey background. Right now I'm working with enlargements of the pattern of the actual quilt as the background as you can see above.

I'm also working on finding some new locations for photos and an easily portable display system. I'm not sure that I'm 100% satisfied with this presentation, but in the spirit of my mantra "if you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done" I've gone ahead and posted what I have.

Here are a few close up shots. This is the front, the Perse side.

Originally I had only planned to quilt around the large patterned rings. I knew this quilt would be getting a lot of use and I don't generally like to leave more than 4-5" of open space between quilting lines so I added the inside rings to echo the patterned rings. I'm really pleased with the result. I really like the contrast that happens on the back between the silvery-grey of the quilting around the large rings and the purple of the small quilted rings.

This is the back, the Meadow side. I really like the stripe here. Not too complicated but just enough to make the back special. I don't like to leave the back of a quilt as an afterthought, especially if it's going to be used instead of hung on a wall.


Marie Aviza said...

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Sara Hopp Harper said...

Thanks so much Marie! I'd love to join.