Monday, April 20, 2009

Laced in Lemongrass

Here's my latest color combination- Lemongrass. It's an acidy green with medium and dark brown tones. In honor of my favorite soup...yummy.

Since this is a dish towel, here's the neatly folded shot.

And the unfolded shot.

A close up; you can see the breaks that happen in the wax during the dyeing process. The salt and dye fix break down the wax so each successive color affects the wax a little more. I've been playing with this breakdown and trying to use it to my advantage. I've found that rewaxing the front and/or back will give different effects.

The back is slightly different from the front because of the way I apply the wax on the front and back and over previously waxed areas. You can see this most clearly in the areas where my brushstrokes overlapped.

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