Thursday, April 30, 2009

A few more garden shots

I love this time of year...something blooming today that was just a bud yesterday. All sorts of quiet changes taking place.

All of the following photos were taken by Buddy Harper.

This is a clematis that our landscape architect neighbor gave us. It was unbelievably finicky when we tried to transplant it. I think it took 3 tries before it didn't die within the first 12 hours. And then it was touch and go. Apparently now it has decided that it likes us and is growing all over the place. The flowers are unbelievable. There are about a million buds on the vines right now...the next few weeks are going to be amazing!

The globe azalea. The color is breathtaking. I can't even begin to fathom how old this plant is.

We call this the rooster plant because the foliage looks like a rooster tail. The flowers look like orchids and only last one day. Beautiful and fleeting.


meldewdesigns said...

Wow! That clematis is stunning!! It seems that I too need a landscape neighbor!! LOL

Beautiful garden, dearie! :)


Sara Hopp Harper said...

Thanks! The garden is mostly my husband's effort, although I contribute lots of amazed looks and contented sighs...

I can't get over the clematis. It's so otherworldly and just...amazing. The vine is completely full of buds. I'm holding my breath because any day now I think it's going to explode with blooms.

shiborigirl said...

that vine is divine!!

katziyz said...

Hello, the vine you have is not a clematis! It is a purple passion vine, Passiflora Incense. I grow these also they are my favorite! They are very unique looking and smell amazing. Very aggressive vine watch out because it will take over. I hate how the blooms only last one day but it is ok because there are always more blooming when the others are done.

5 o'clock crows said...

Thanks for the information! I have discovered just how aggressive this plant is - vines keep turning up all over the yard - but the flowers are so beautiful I can't get too upset about it.