Monday, April 27, 2009

Chevron Lattice/Swanson Stripe Quilt

Here are a few shots of my Chevron Lattice Quilt, backed with Swanson stripe. Both front and back are my original 3-color batik patterns.

I'm still playing with the best way to present the full size quilt. I'm thinking about going out with the camera and taking tons of pictures of possible backgrounds...this is still an evolving process for me. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Chevron Lattice/Swanson Stripe
Perse/Lagoon Multi front & back
51" x 68"
3-color batik
Single Panel with Side Borders
100% cotton fabric and batting
cotton and rayon thread

Here's a close up shot of the front. You can really see the wax breaks in the batik pattern in this shot. of my favorite things about batik.

Here's a shot of the front with the side border included. The quilting shows up so much more clearly on the unpatterned fabric.

This is the back in Swanson Stripe.

And a few close ups of the back.

For more information on this quilt, check out my etsy shop. Just click on the link in the sidebar and you'll be right there! You can also contact me using the Contact Me! link in my sidebar if you'd like more information about any of my pieces or custom work.

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