Sunday, February 8, 2009

brick set 1

I've made quite a few quilts as commissions or gifts. Somehow, I ended up not having any for myself. I have quite a stash of commercial fabrics that I rarely use since I started making my own fabric which was crying out to be used. Et voila!

This is a new set (for me) which I'm calling it brick, for now. I've been on a turquoise and orange kick lately so I pulled fabrics with those dominant colors and then tempered them with the chocolate brown.

I think this quilt looks a little scrappy, which is different for me since I'm used to making however much fabric I need for a project instead of working with what I have.

I will definitely use this set again. Next time I'm thinking a toned-down or monochromatic palette for the larger blocks and some sashing strips between the rows to make the pattern of the set itself really pop.

I kept the quilting simple since there was so much pattern going on already. Next time I will pare back the quilting even more to keep the focus on the allover pattern created by the set itself.

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