Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching up on what I've been putting off

First things first- Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to 2009!

I know I'm a little late here, but I was going through my picture log and I remembered these pictures from when it SNOWED here a few weeks ago. I live in southeast Louisiana. This is nothing short of insanity. I woke up and thought I'd somehow been transported back up north.

Here are a few pictures of my neighborhood.


Back to the studio... Somehow I've accumulated a huge backlog of projects that are half-finished or that I just don't want to start. The mental pile was starting to get precarious and a little suffocating so I decided that I needed to start clearing these out. Project number one was the one I've been dreading most of all...Roman Shades for 8 skylight/windows.

I've only made window treatments once before. Unwisely, I chose a set of draw drapes for this first project. So after an agonizing few weeks of working with unfriendly and extremely wide pieces of material I finally finished and hung them only to discover that my hem was extremely slanted and it was very noticeable. Argh! I couldn't stand to work on them again, so I put some furiture in front of the worst drape and tried not to notice on the other one. My "plan" didn't really work and even now that the drapes are not hung any more, that hem still bothers me.

Needless to say, the draw drapes left a bad taste in my mouth where window treatments were concerned. But after procrastinating for two years, I finally finished the roman shades and I'm extremely pleased with the results. So pleased that I think I need to make some more shades for other rooms in house (is that dangerous? have I really lost it now?).

Here is a shot of the shades as they were being installed. I'm overjoyed that they're square and that installation wasn't a huge mess. Actually, it went pretty smoothly.

This shot shows the first shade that was installed which has been closed up overnight to set the pleats so that the shade will pull up neatly. The pleating reminds me so much of shibori fabric...I think that might be a good starting point for my next set of shades- some shibori fabric playing with the placement of the sewing and pleating lines that will be on the finished shade. hmmm....

Here's a final shot of the shades closed over the windows. They look so good- and I can't wait to see the electric bill go down once summer rolls around again. Horray!

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V. Viola said...

Hey Sara, love the shades! Beautiful space, can't wait to see more fiber arts from you.